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Recycling Facts Regarding Fluid Milk Packaging in NL

Since 1997, MMSB has operated the Provincial Beverage Recycling Program. This is a deposit-refund system for used beverage containers. Through this waste diversion program, millions of beverage containers are diverted from landfills each year in Newfoundland and Labrador.

PURCHASING Beverage Containers

When you buy a ready-to-drink beverage container you pay a deposit:

* 8 on non-alcoholic containers

* 20 on alcoholic containers

Deposits do not apply to containers greater than 5 litres, milk, infant formula, refillable bottles, and medicinal nutritional supplements.

How to Recycle Your Fluid Milk Packaging:

The deposit applies to:

  • Aluminum cans - soft drinks, beer, juice, flavoured drinks
  • Drink boxes (tetra) - juice, milkshakes
  • Plastic and glass bottles - soft drinks, water, juice, flavoured drinks, liquor bottles, imported beer
  • Steel cans - juice
  • Gable top containers - juice, fruit flavoured drinks

Prepare your empty beverage containers for recycling:

  • Remove caps and straws
  • Empty and rinse
  • Remove debris


Recycling Locations in Newfoundland and Labrador

VISITING a Green Depot

Bring your empty containers to a Green Depot for recycling:

  • Receive your refund of 5 per non-alcoholic and 10 per alcoholic container.

Note: alcoholic aluminum cans have 5 refund.

  • There are 38 Green Depots across the province, as well as a number of satellite locations and mobile units to service your area. For an up to date listing of Green Depot locations, visit MMSB's website at 

Recycling Resources

Department of Waste Management

Waste Management Strategy

Recycling and Reducing Guide

Regional Contacts:

For information about what is happening in your region contact:

Greater Avalon Regional Solid Waste Management Committee

Central Newfoundland Waste Management Committee

Allan Scott - 651-5915

Green Bay Waste Authority
Tracey Boutilier - 1-877-657-2233

Western Regional Solid Waste Management Committee
Cator Best

Norpen Waste Management Authority
Darlene Newman - 454-3110
Fall 2005 Newsletter

Labrador Straits Waste Disposal Committee
Gail Flynn - 931-2241

Joint Councils (Port Hope Simpson, Mary's Harbour, St. Lewis, Charlottetown)
Betty Sampson - 960-0236

Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay
Al Durno - 896-3321

Town of Labrador City

Jeff Boland - 944-7172


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